About MonardaZ


If you’re looking for Mark and he’s not in his workshop, check the leather chair in the living room. But don’t be surprised if he doesn’t look up right away.

He’ll be drawing in one of the many (and I’m talking dozens) of leather-covered journals that he’s filled over the years. Mark has the kind of mind that’s continually seeing possibilities for home furnishings, room design, accessories, gift containers, jewelry, carved objects, and more. Much of what he draws eventually comes to life.

Check out the Archives to see some of the objects Mark has made in the past. He’s open to recreating many of them for you.

Currently, Mark has been making variations on leather accessories, especially phone cases and mini bags. He’s also making a variety of leather watches and key chains.  In the Shop section you’ll find that several of these are now available for purchase.

Woman typing on computer 600x300You can also build your own phone case or mini bag!  We’ve made it easy. Take a look at the phone cases and mini bags we offer.  Choose a style, color, size, strap and other features just by clicking on Build Your Own. Your accessories can and should reflect who you are.

Please check back with MonardaZ frequently to see what has leapt from the pages of those journals.