Build Your Own

We want you to have the phone case or mini bag that reflects your personal style. We have come up with a way to help you build your customized case or bag. So how does it work? Click on the phone case or the mini bag icon below. You’ll then see a form to choose everything you might want (style, color, size, strap, etc.)  There’s a Submit button at the bottom of the form.  We’ll email you with any questions we may have.  Then we’ll make a custom listing for you on Etsy where you can pay for your phone case or mini bag. Once the payment is processed, work will begin on your custom accessory, including all of the choices you submitted on the form. Currently, we are asking you to allow about 10 – 14 days before we ship your phone case or mini bag.  Have fun building your own!
Note about colors:
Due to the variations among computer monitors, the colors you see on your screen may vary slightly from the actual colors on our products.

Build Your Own Phone Case


Click image to build your own phone case.

Build Your Own Mini Bag


Click image to build your own mini bag.



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