Build Your Own Mini Bag

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The mini bag comes with the following:
Adjustable crossbody strap
Inside credit card/money slot
Phone compartment
Key/lipstick compartment

Choose the style of the bag you are interested in.
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Boho (with decorative straps)
Classic (no decorative straps)
Steampunk (with decorative straps and gears)


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Choose the colors for your bag.


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Select decorative strap color (if applicable):

What phone do you have?
Enter your phone model and whether or not it has any protective device on it.  We will make sure your mini bag is designed for your phone size.

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Will you be using a sleeve or protective boot on your phone?*
Outside dimensions with protective device (if applicable):

Select a strap color.
All mini bags come with our adjustable crossbody strap. The length can be changed anywhere between 27" and 54" so you can comfortably wear your mini bag crossbody or over the shoulder.

Select strap color:

Choose a finish for the hardware.
The hardware is the clasp, rivets, and other metal on your case.

Hardware finish:

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