THE Mallard

The mallard

Mark carved this male mallard as a gift to Alice’s mother. She displayed it swimming on her coffee table among some grasses. It’s a beauty as was she. The duck is carved from southern yellow pine. It remains one of our most prized possessions.



Steampunk clock

Mark is a big fan of the steampunk aesthetic. He’s been steampunking his spaces for a few years.  Plumbing valves, fittings and piping in brass and copper complete the look.




Waddling Duck

Waddling toy duck

This waddling duck was created for a much loved grandnephew. The duck has a characteristic waddle motion when pulled, due to the offset wheels in the back.  The duck is carved from basswood (body), tupelo (neck), and oak (head).



Paper Necklace

Paper anniversary necklace

When their first wedding anniversary was approaching, Alice figured Mark was going to give her something made out of paper – the traditional gift. She never expected this exquisite necklace and earring set Mark made for her from carefully chosen craft paper and a piece of zebra wood.



Baby chickadee

Baby chickadee

The brave little chickadee has been a favorite subject for Mark’s chisels. He’s carved them singly or in family groups. Somehow their plucky nature is revealed in the wood and paint.




Chickadee Family

Chickadee trio

This trio of chickadees was carved for Mark’s sister/brother-in-law.   The mother bird’s tail feathers proved irresistible to a passing dog, but Mark fixed her right up.  The birds were carved from basswood.




Steampunk lamp

Steampunk lamp

Another example of Mark’s steampunk style.  Made from black iron pipe, brass fittings and valves, copper tubing, and found objects. This lamp uses water and gas accessories to carry the electrical wires.